Saturday, August 11, 2007

Girls Rock NC Year Four Wrap-Up

So we just wrapped up year four, and more than anything, there are amazing photos to share! We'll be getting all the permissions straight, and hopefully coming right back with some photos from the camp weeks, as well as from our final performance.

More importantly, and outrageously (but we like it that way) we're already getting started with year five!

Year five will bring big things to the girls of North Carolina, namely, new locations.

We're thinking that there will likely be at least three locations, and especially we're working on holding a camp somewhere in Downtown Durham. If anyone has fund raising, grant-writing or financial advice, please feel free to offer suggestions of where we could get money for the following:

1. Financial Aid for the Campers. We'd like to have a sliding scale where any and every girl interested (that signs up on time!) will be able to come to camp regardless of their family's financial position. We'd like to do more outreach to be sure we have girls from diverse economic and racial backgrounds.

2. Staff and Overhead. We love the amazing women and men that work hard to make this happen, and the girls really seem to get so much from the week they spend with us. Please help us cover the hours it takes to make it all happen!

3. Equipment. We like to be able to provide girls who do not have instruments with equipment they can play throughout the week, and maybe even through the year. If you would like to donate (working or new) equipment (instruments, PA systems, microphones, amplifiers, etc) please contact us or make a donation that is specific to this fund.

4. Photocopies and supplies. The girls make a collaborative zine each year, and we give them our own NC Rock and Roll Guidebook for Girls that we compile. The cost of copies adds up! We also rely on donations of t-shirts, bags, button-makers, art supplies, music recordings (CDs and DVDs), magazines, and anything else that we give to the girls each year. With workshops like D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) Clothing, Making Merch, and Zine Collaboration, we really do need plenty of 'stuff' that we think helps these girls to express themselves in a vibrant, healthy way.

We'd even love some corporate sponsors, so if you work at a job where there's obviously money for local nonprofits, why not suggest a donation on behalf of your employment? We'll love you for it (and you'll forever be a total Rock Star to us and the girls).

Anywho, stay tuned, as we'll hopefully have photos up soon, and we'll keep posting on occasion when there's an update to make.

Rock on ladies!


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Want to volunteer?
Our Volunteers make this experience possible (and incredible) for the girls!
Anyone interested in volunteering during our camp should contact us at Please title your email VOLUNTEER (or if you're interested in anything specific, let us know!).
Every volunteer job is a big job, so if you think you're too busy to help out, odds are, you're not! We have small and big jobs! Some bigger jobs (that are temporary) are:
Equipment Coordinator(s) (aka- ultimate roadie(s) for which we give high praise) --Ever wanted to play around with a lot of cool stuff without buying it? This volunteer will work with us to find a location to store donated equipment before camp begins, coordinate receiving instruments and equipment, label all donations, deliver the equipment to camp and return equipment to their proper owners once camp is over. This could be a team job-- you and your friend(s)!
Grant Writers --Well it can't hurt to ask, right? We'll give you all the information you need, and you'll help us grow like never before. Be part of the action through writing! wRiting Rocks!
Lawyer --We need to talk about a few things with a very cool lawyer who thinks we're cool, too.
PR Guru --We give you the press releases, you tell everyone you know (including newspapers, radio, television, websites, blogs...) Again, this can be a super-team. This can also be you sending out a big email blast to friends just sending them to our website. Yeah! Do it now!
Flyer Goddesses (and Gods) --Got more time than money and some good walking shoes? Hit the streets with your staple gun and let the world know about our programs through the ancient art of flyering. Or is it fliering? Hanging up our posters! Or better yet, MAKE OUR POSTERS! You're creative. This is the job for you.
Host an info-party. --Have your friends over for crafts, drinks, dinner, crochet, bridge, whatever you fancy, and tell them all about Girls Rock NC. Tell them to tell their friends, and they'll tell their friends...see what a big help you've been?
Rock Stars. --Set up a fundraiser show where your awesome band plays and you donate the money to Girls Rock NC. You can select if you'd like the proceeds to go directly to a specific item or even to supporting a camper that may not have money to come to camp otherwise. This can be a Boys Rock for Girls Rock NC event at a giant venue (all you rockin boys that want to help, take note), a Women in Rock showcase or a garage show for five of your friends on a Sunday afternoon. The beautiful part is that it's all set up by YOU! You make the call, and let us know when it's happening, we'll promote it!
Workshop Teachers and Assistants. --If you're passionate about something creative and you feel that girls really need to learn all about it from you (and you identify as a woman), we want to know about you. Contact us!
We also appreciate any and all donations, and particularly for the following to be used during Summer Camp and for future After School Programs:
* Equipment Donations or Lenders --We'd really like to start a lending library of musical equipment (including instruments), CDs, Zines, Books and more that girls can check out all year long. All materials and equipment that support our mission will be considered and appreciated.
* Financial contributions (tax-deductible) --Sponsorships available. Please contact us for more information on how your business or you can become one of the rockin-ist of them all.
* Photocopies or printing services for Zines and Guidebooks --The girls create their own zines each year, and these need to be mass produced so each girl gets to take home the collection of images and words from their fellow campers. We also create a massive, incredible compilation of stories, advice, how-tos and interviews of local women with incredible stories and jobs that each camper takes home with them. Girls need to be aware of all the incredible mentors they have in their own communities, and we need financial and physical help creating these books! (contact us with questions-there's a lot of paper involved!)
*Our own PA systems. --Ultimately, we use four PA systems at a time while the girls are in band practice. One larger and three smaller PA units would make us cry with happiness. Weepy even thinking about it.
* Art Supplies for Workshops (Scissors, Markers, Paper, etc.)
*Music and Art Magazines
* Picks, Guitar Cords, Drum sticks, 9 volt batteries, guitar/bass strings, etc.
* Acoustic pick-ups (for the softer-hard-rocker)
* Screen printing services for our Shirts and Promotional materials
*Anything else you can think of!


NEW FORMAT FOR MORE BAND PRACTICE! You asked for it girls, and we're giving it to you. Ages 13-17 will be a more intensive musical experience, with 30 minute workshops each session, followed by an hour and a half for five or six sessions (depends on the location) before our big show at the Cat's Cradle! Join in the excitement and meet new friends from all over North Carolina (and sometimes from out of state!). Intensives are $200-- contact us if you need to supplement this amount with money from our scholarship fund.
REGISTER HERE FOR CARRBORO LOCATION AT THE ARTSCENTER* 13-17 year old Intensives June 30-July 17, 6 sessions- Tues and Thurs, 12 girls, 4-6 pm, with a Saturday, July 19th performance at 7 pm, Cat's Cradle
PLEASE PRINT OUT AND MAIL IN THE REGISTRATION FORM FOR DURHAM LOCATION: AT CAMELOT ACADEMY* 13-17 year old Intensives July 14-18, Monday through Friday from 4-6 pm, with a Saturday, July 19th performance at 7 pm, Cat's Cradle

7-9 year old and 10-12 year old camps already full!

It happens so fast! We do hope you'll spread the word about our 13-15 year old camps (info above) that are still open, and consider volunteering with the younger girls if you're 16 or older! See the side bar (HELP US OUT) for more info, or email us at

Friday, June 20th, 9:30 pm at the Blue Horn Lounge in Chapel Hill

Friday, June 20th, 9:30 pm at the Blue Horn Lounge in Chapel Hill
Bad Mothers and Orange Factory raise money for Girls Rock NC

Girls Rock NC at Durham Artwalk, April 5 & 6

CCB Plaza Downtown Durham ROCKED THIS WEEKEND! The girls were AMAZING, and they kept getting asked to play at other events! It rained, but the girls pulled off confident performances of incredible songs!

Click for more information about Durham Art Walk.